Press Note

Management Management Update (COVID-19, Eartquakes, Transmitters)

The Arecibo Observatory’s priority is the health and safety of the staff and our users. In response to COVID-19 and in order to comply with restrictions implemented by the Government of Puerto Rico via executive order OS-2020-23, the Arecibo observatory will be implementing the following workplace changes… Read More

Eng. Angel Vazquez

Our Telescope Operations Manager was recently awarded with the Yasme Excellence Award. This award is made by the Yasme Foundation - Non Profit corporation organized to support scientific and educational projects related to amateur radio - in recognition of technical. operating, and organization achievements in and contributions to amateur radio. Particularly, the Yasme foundation was interested in recognizing the work that Mr. Vazquez did after Hurricane Maria in providing disaster recovery communications to the citizens of Puerto Rico, as well as, working with federal agencies to facilitate relief operations. Read More

CONVOCATORIA: Ayudante de Cocina

El Observatorio de Arecibo tiene disponible una (1) plaza con nombramiento transitorio para candidatos que cualifiquen con experiencia en la preparación de alimentos. La convocatoria permanecerá abierta hasta el 11 de mayo de 2018 y las solicitudes se revisarán a medida que sean recibidas. Leer Más