Education REU Students’ Research & Presentations

The AO Research Experience for Undergraduates and Teachers (REUT) program continues to serve as a remarkable program for developing future STEM researchers and teachers. The REUT program, funded by the National Science Foundation, welcomed eight students to the observatory in 2019: Daniel Repp, Fernando Hernández Millet, Gage Siebert, Megan Kenny, Mishaal Iysha Jan, Sophia Salazar, Yamil González Zuanznabar, and Bradley Rivera Muñiz. The on-site program coordinator for the Arecibo Observatory REUT program is Adelfa Vera Rosado. Read More

Education JWST Workshop

On Feb 20 - 21, 2020, the Arecibo Observatory hosted a workshop to train Puerto Rican astronomers on the software needed to apply for time using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which is expected to launch in March 2021. Read More

New Message - The Global Challenge

In 1974, the Arecibo Observatory made history by beaming the most powerful radio message into deep space ever made. The famous Arecibo Message was designed by the AO 74’s staff, led by Frank Drake, and with the help of the astronomer and famed science communicator Carl Sagan. It contained information about the human race and was intended to be our intergalactic calling card. Read More