The Arecibo Observatory congratulates Dr. Martha P. Haynes, recipient of the Janksy Lectureship 2020!



The Karl G. Jansky Lectureship, first awarded in 1966, is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of radio astronomy. Dr. Haynes started her work in radio astronomy as an intern at the Arecibo Observatory in the summer of 1973, and throughout her career she has used the telescope for her groundbreaking research on the nature and characteristics of the nearby galaxy populations while making significant contributions to the observatory, overseeing instrument upgrades and leading the Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA survey.

In 2019, Dr. Haynes shared a presentation with the AO staff that described how her radio astronomy work to understand gas-bearing, star-forming galaxies is entwined with the Arecibo Observatory's continued upgrades and improvements. You can read more about Dr. Haynes' achievements and her strong connection with AO in an article we shared last year to congratulate her for yet another award when she received the 2019 Bruce Gold Medal.

Previous article published on 12/20/2019: The Arecibo Observatory Congratulates Dr. Martha P. Haynes, Recipient of 2019 Bruce Gold Medal

Text provided by Tracy Becker - AO Collaborator/SWRI Postdoctoral Researcher

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