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To avoid aliasing during sampler, the WAPP has a pair of custom designed RF Filters. These were fabricated by FSY Microwave. A measurement of their S21 performance is shown below.

WAPP 100 MHz Filter S21 Performance100 MHz Filter
WAPP 50 MHz Filter S21 Performance50 MHz Filter

The multiplication applied by the NAIC correlator chips produces only positive values {0,1,2}. This complication simplifies the post-multipication storage into simple ripple counters. The offset produces ..

Useful Data Sheets

  1. Sampler Chip: AD9054,Manufacture: Analog Devices
  2. Step Attenuator: AK002D4-24, Manufacuture: Alpha Industries
  3. WAPP Motherboard : P2B-LS, Manufacture: ASUSTek
  4. WAPP Highspeed IO: EDT Card
  5. WAPP Control IO: Greensprings IP Module
  6. OS Software: Version 6.1, Manufacture: Red Hat
  7. Correlator Chip: NAIC-1, Manufacture: Custom

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