The ``Mock'' Spectrometer

The FPGA-based Mock spectrometer, (named after its designer/builder, the late Jeff Mock), contains 14 boxes, each of which contains 2 boards handling bandwidths up to 172 MHz per board. Initially, the Mock spectrometer was only available for use with the ALFA 7-beam L-band array, for which the 14 boxes are divided into 2 groups of 7 boxes, each of which can be configured as an independent spectrometer. These will support all ALFA observing modes that are available via the WAPPs, with which they can be operated in parallel. As the WAPPs and the Mocks include both spectral-line and pulsar observing modes, this facilitates two-way (or more) commensal observing.

The Mock spectrometer is also available in ``single-pixel mode'' for use with the observatory's single-pixel receivers. Details can be found at

General details of Mock spectrometer operations can be found at

Robert Minchin 2017-10-30