PUPPI Pulsar Backend

The ``Puertorican Ultimate Pulsar Processing Instrument'' (PUPPI) is a backend built with off-the-shelf hardware designs, and custom FPGA ``Gateware". This gateware is compiled and loaded into the 7 Xilinx FPGA's used for PUPPI's implementation. It is a clone of the Green Bank Observatory GUPPI instrument.

PUPPI is fully integrated into the Arecibo observing software, and non-expert users are encouraged to include its usage in their telescope proposals. In search mode, the PUPPI backend provides a maximum bandwidth of 800 MHz, up to 2048 spectral channels, and 40.96 $\mu$sec minimum sampling time. In addition, 20.48 $\mu$sec sampling is possible in on-line folding mode. For more details, potential users can refer to the GUPPI on-line manual at

Robert Minchin 2017-10-30