ALFA Memos

This repository contains scientific and engineering memorandum relating to ALFA. Many of these memos are also listed on the appropriate consortium pages.

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General Memos

Date Title Author
2005 Oct 27 Some Characteristics of ALFA's Fixed Pattern Noise Heiles
2004 Dec 30 Holistic Estimates of ALFA Cal Values, Gains, and Beam Efficiencies: 1344-1444 MHz. Together with Three Action Items Heiles
2004 Dec 20 Accurate Parametric Representation of ALFA Main Beams and First Sidelobes: 1344 MHz - 1444 MHz Heiles
2004 Dec 9 Inter-scan Overheads for Sequences of Drifts with ALFA Haynes et al
2004 Nov 30 Correction of WAPP FITS-file software Lerner
2004 Nov 18 ALFA spectral parameters & calibration Deshpande
2004 Nov 17 Incorrect Positional Parameters in Arecibo FITS-Headers Lerner
2004 Aug 17 Large Scale Surveys with the Arecibo Multibeam System Goldsmith
2004 May 12 NAIC Guidelines for ALFA Consortia Brown
2004 Feb 29 A Few Comments on Calibrating the Noise Diode For the ALFA Receiver Goldsmith
2004 Feb 26 Receiver Calibration with Two Temperature Loads Goldsmith
2003 Nov 25 Good News on Using Fourier Filtering for Standing Wave Removal Heiles
2003 Mar Optimal tiling for non-drifting ALFA surveys Freire
2003 Jun 28 Two Important Issues for FFT Spectrometers Heiles
2002 Jul 19 Final Feed Selection Study for the Multi Beam Array System Cortés
2002 Jul Incoherent Beam Pattern - Coax vs. TE11 (Figures), (Table) Cortés
2002 Jun 12 Maximum Beam Separation for ALFA Nyquist Sampling Cortés
2002 Jun Test of Off-Axis FOV Perillat
2002 Jun Rotation Angles for Horns Perillat
2000 Oct Feed Rotation Perillat


Date Title Author
2006 Feb 28 Calibration of ALFA data in LiveData Minchin
2006 Jan 19 Driftscan Mapping of the ALFA Beams Hoffman, Irwin, Spekkens, Haynes, Giovanelli
2004 Dec 9 Inter-scan Overheads for Sequences of Drifts with ALFA Haynes, et al
2004 Dec 9 The ALFA Ultra Deep Survey (AUDS) Freudling et al
2004 Dec 6 On the Rotation and Sidelobes of ALFA Giovanelli, Haynes, Putman, Catinella
2004 Dec 6 The ALFA Fixed Azimuth Drift Observing Mode Haynes, Giovanelli, and A1946 & A1963 Teams
2004 Nov 17 Parallactic angle and optimum ALFA rotation for drift scanning Minchin
2004 Jul 4 E-ALFA backend requirements E-ALFA Consortium
2004 May 28 AGES precursor Davies et al
2004 May HI Environment of NGC 2903 Judith Irwin
2004 Feb 13 Initial HI Survey Observations with ALFA in Drift Mode Giovanelli et al
2004 Feb 13 First spectral line detections with the 4 WAPPs Ghosh, O'Neil, Salter
2004 Jan 20 E-ALFA test run with the WAPPs Giovanelli, Haynes, & Kent
2003 Jul 10 E-ALFA White Paper E-ALFA Consortium


Date     Title Author
2008 Jun 18 Current Version of GALFA H I Reduction Software Gibson
2008 Jun 18 The GALFA Pipeline: Once More with Feeling Goldston
2007 Feb 5 Engineering Test of pDev Spectrometer Polarisation Properties Dever, Salter
2006 Dec 20 ALFA RFI Saturation Problem Dever
2006 Sep 7 The GALFA H I User's Guide Krco, Stanimirovic, Goldston
2006 Aug 29 The GALFA Pipeline: Up Close and Personal Goldston
2006 Jun 13 GALFA Spectrometer: Setup, Operation, Basics Heiles, Mock, Tang, Stanimirovic
2006 Jun 13 Instructions for Running TOGS Commensally with A2010 Stanimirovic, Putman, Goldston
2006 May 15 The GALFA Archive: Usage and Examples Krco
2006 Mar 21 Technical Guide for the GALFA Archive Krco
2005 Nov 18 GALFA Science Highlights Kang et al.
2005 Oct 26 Does Everything Work Properly? Do these Checks on Every Day's Data!! Heiles
2005 Oct 25 How to Generate MH and LSFS Files Heiles
2005 Oct 25 MH and LSFS: Black-Belt Details Heiles
2005 Oct 18 GSR/PROCS/INIT/HDR and /INIT/LSFS Software Heiles
2005 Aug 14 Obtaining the I.F. Bandpass Using Least-Squares Frequency Switching (LSFS) Heiles
2005 Jun 1 GALFACTS proposal Taylor et al.
2005 Feb 1 TOGS-1 proposal Putman et al.
2005 Jan 31 ALFA Radio Recombination Line Survey [RRL White Paper] Terzian et al.
2004 Nov 30 A possible back-end solution for ALFA Recombination-line Survey: alias the WAPPs Deshpande, Lebrón
2004 Oct 17 GALFA Spectrometer Overview GALSPECT Team
2004 Oct 2 General GALFA Spectrometer Documentation Mock
2004 Aug 17 GALFA Consortium Guidelines Goldsmith
2004 Aug 10 GALFA Structure and Science Topics GALFA Consortium
2004 May 6 Hardware Requirements for GALFA's Precursor Observations Stanimirovic, Heiles, Goldston, et al.
2004 Feb 5 Testing Techniques and Observing Modes for GALFA 21-cm Line Mapping Heiles, Goldston, et al.
2004 Feb 1 GALFACTS pilot proposal: cover sheets, main text, figure 3 Taylor et al.
2004 Feb 1 GALFA - H I + RRL precursor proposal Goldsmith et al.
2003 Sep 25 Galactic Astronomy with the Arecibo L-Band Feed Array [GALFA White Paper] GALFA Consortium
2003 Sep 25 A Full-Stokes ALFA Continuum Survey [excerpted from GALFA White Paper] GALFA-CON Sub-Consortium
2003 Sep 3 Progress Report on Software Spectrometer Jeff Hagen
2003 Jun 10 GALFA Consortium Organization: PDF + JPEG Goldsmith
2003 Jun Two Important Issues for FFT Spectrometers Heiles
2003 Mar 23 GALFA Spectrometer Development Proposal GALFA Consortium
2001 Feb Galactic 21-cm Line Mapping Stanimirovic, Dickey


Date Title Author
2006 May 4 Tiling strategy for P-ALFA (being updated) Freire
2005 Apr 25 Specifications of new spectrometer. PALFA Consortium
2004 Jul 5 Cornell Simulation of P-ALFA survey. Vlemmings and Cordes
2004 Jul McGill Simulation of P-ALFA survey. Faucher Giguère and Kaspi
2003 Jan 14 A Report on the First ALFA Pulsar Consortium Workshop PALFA Consortium

Archived Memos

Date Title Author
2004 Aug 29 ALFA Tests Commissioning/Characterization Desh
2004 Jan 29 Proposals for Shared-Risk ALFA-related Precursor Observations: Guidelines Brown
2002 May Call for Declaration of Interest by Potential ALFA Users Goldsmith, Altschuler, Salter
2001 Feb Galactic 21-cm Line Mapping (science case for ALFA) Stanimirovic, Dickey
2001 Feb 7 A Multibeam System Enabling Sensitive Surveys of the Radio Sky Using the Arecibo Telescope Cordes, Goldsmith
2000 Dec 15 Pulsar Searching with the Arecibo Telescope (science case for ALFA) Cordes